Elementor Off Canvas Container Toggle Design

Elementor Off Canvas Container Toggle Design

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In this tutorial we are going to learn how to make modifications to the templates "Elementor Off Canvas Container Toggle Template".

A similar design was shared in the Facebook groups, and most people recommended using popups for this. While you can get something slightly similar with popups, you don't have this great toggle effect, and it just isn't as smooth.

Elementor Pro popups have other disadvantages too, and aren't SEO friendly.

You will receive three template files with your purchase. Here they are.

Elementor Bottom Off Canvas Template

Elementor Left Right Buttons Off Canvas Template

Elementor Left Right Full Height Off Canvas Template


  • The little toggle is made with the Button element, and can easily be customized
  • Choose your own toggle icon and colors
  • Complete freedom: the content that shows up is simply a Container element, you can place any elements in it
  • In the left and right Off Canvas toggle, there can be any amount of content. If it doesn't all fit in the viewport, the container will become scrollable
  • Accessible: users can access the content of the Off Canvas through their keyboard only
  • Mobile ready

Important note: You will need the feature "Container" to be enabled under Elementor > Experiments > Container. This uses the new Container element.

Let's get started!

First, import the Elementor Off Canvas Toggle template file in your page

This is a premium tutorial. Purchase access to unlock the full tutorial. You will also get the downloadable template file


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