Elementor Animated Headline Synced with Background Image Carousel

Elementor Animated Headline Synced with Background Image Carousel

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In this tutorial we are going to create a section with an Animated Headline, that is synchronized with a background image carousel.

You might have tried to do this already, thinking that if you just set both timers the same, they will be in harmony with each other.

However due to how the animated headline time works, in practice this actually just doesn't quite work.

This is because the animated headline timer restarts after the animation is done, and depending on the length of the text being animated, the total animation duration varies.

So I wrote up some JavaScript to make this work anyway, and the results are pretty nice:

Visit the demo page directly.


  • Works with all Animated Headline animations
  • Plug and play, super easy to replicate design
  • For most animations, your first Animated Headline text will always be shown with the first image of the slider, and so on
  • For "blinds", "swirl" and "wave" animations, the Headlines and Images will switch in harmony with each other, however they can't be guaranteed to follow each other perfectly. Image 1 might sometimes be shown with Headline 2, for example.

Elementor Pro is required for that one, as you need the Animated Headline element.

Let's get started!

First, create your section with the Animated Headline & Background Image Slider

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    1. Hey Pierre!

      Sorry, this just won't work with a lottie... there are not clearly defined "slides" in the lottie, so the code here can't be easily adapted for that.

      I understand what you want though, and I have coded similar previously for clients. I can only offer this as custom work.


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