Every Elementor Video Slider Options in 2023

Every Elementor Video Slider Options in 2023

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An Elementor video slider could make a huge difference for your visitors and for your business. Every website tells a story and there is no better way to tell yours or that of your clients without visuals.  If a picture says one thousand words, then a video should convey more than a million words, right?

You have heard this countless times and I believe the major reason you are here is that you want to communicate visually to your website's visitors. Well, at the end of this article, you'd be armed with enough info in your arsenal to create a better presentation of your products and/or services.

Elementor video carousel sliders from the Addons

When it comes to creating video sliders in Elementor, there are arrays of options opened to you. With so many addons available for Elementor page builder, you are certain to find exactly the addon that meets your need if you don't like the options available on the Pro version of Elementor.

So, what are the add-ons that make the Elementor video slider possible without writing a single line of code? The best options right now are the Elementor's media carousel widget, Unlimited Elements' Image and Video Content Slider
and Unlimited Elements' Video Gallery.

Elementor Media Carousel

The elementor video slider should not be a problem if you have got the Pro version of Elementor because the Media carousel has everything you need to create your video slider.

With the media carousel, you can have an image or video or both inside each slide, which can be linked to the media file or an external link. If Lightbox is enabled, this widget will also have access to it. Meaning, users can view your video slider on full screen.



  • Comes with everything you need to create your slider
  • Since it is a pro version widget of Elementor, you can use the dynamic tag feature to display content from CPTs


  • You need the pro version of elementor and the pricing starts from $49/year.
  • No lifetime license.
  • Poor customer support in case you need help.

Unlimited Elements Image and Video Content Slider

Creating a video slider with the Unlimited Element's simple slider widget is the quickest and easiest way to an eye-catching slider on your Elementor website. This is an extremely impressive slider layout that supports both stand-alone images and also video slides and also video slides.


  • Full control: You have complete control. You can customize your video slider to suit your taste.
  • With this addon, you can add content and a call to action button alongside your video.


  • This is not a free addon.
  • You need to pay $39/year to have the ability to add a video slider to your website.

Unlimited Element Slider Video Gallery

With the Unlimited Element for Elementor add-on, you can create an array of eye-catching video slides for your website. The widget comes with a dedicated settings panel on the backend allowing you to customize the message, design, and flow of your slides.

This add-on allows you to use videos hosted on YouTube or Vimeo in your Elementor video slider.



  • Use videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or your own server
  • Add custom images to each video uploaded


  • You need to buy the pro version of the plugin to have this feature.

Carousel Anything

The Plus Addon is an easy-to-use plugin that extends the capabilities of Elementor, adding over 100 widgets, templates, and blocks to the original collection that comes with Elementor and Elementor Pro. It also comes with a set of documentation and a set of tutorials to help users discover its rich features.

If you are looking for an option to create performance-oriented carousels to captivate your audience on your website. The Plus Addon has the perfect solution for you. It is a beautifully crafted set of UI components, widgets, forms, tables, accordions, tabs, etc that allows you to present information in the most creative way possible.


  • This is the most featured reach addon for Elementor video slider
  • You can create a multiple-column layout video slider
  • You can create an accordion slider as seen in the demo above
  • If you want to create a timeline-like video slider, with this addon, it is possible.


  • You will need to cough out $39 to have this widget available when you install the plus addon on your website.

What is a video slider?

In contrast to static images, video sliders contain videos only. In an engaging and creative way, your video slider is a great tool for showing how-to tutorials about your products/services, user testimonials, etc. You don't have to use one long video anymore. Cut them into smaller units and create a video slider.

Best use cases of video slider

  • Online lessons
  • Tutorials
  • Instructions
  • Guides
  • Users' testimonials

Elementor video sliders, will it be good or bad?

SEO will argue that it has no impact on your site's performance on search engine result pages(SERPs) but web developers will say it is the best way to coalesce lots of information into a single section on a web page.  While there is no definite stamp on this question when it comes to static images, the same view does not apply to video sliders.

Therefore, my answer to the above question will be; sliders can be a great way to add some extra flair to your website, but they're not always the right choice. Start by thinking about what your users are looking for and how each page of your website can help them achieve their goals.


If you are looking for a robust solution to creating a video slider in Elementor, then Carousel Anything should be more than enough because of the so many design options possible with the addons. But because Elementor Pro has a widget that solves this problem, I recommend using the media carousel widget that comes with Elementor Pro.

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