Elementor Cross Site Copy Paste Successfully

Elementor Cross Site Copy Paste Successfully

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In this tutorial, I will show you how to successfully Elementor cross domain copy paste. In particular, you will learn how to copy paste templates and having it work!

There are a few things you need to know, as this Elementor cross site copy paste feature has a few pitfalls you need to know about.

Check your Elementor Features For a Successful Cross Site Copy Paste

On the receiving website, go to WP > Elementor > Settings > Features, and be certain that everything you are trying to paste in is activated.

For example if you are trying to paste a Loop Grid, you need that feature activated.

For most of my tutorials, you will need to have the Flexbox containers enabled.

Right-Click > Paste From Other Site

You might be used to just copy paste by clicking CTRL-V (or CMD-V), but here there is another step you need to do first.

You need to Right-Click > Paste from other site.

Elementor Cross Site Copy Paste Successfully 1

Ideally, do this at the bottom of your page, where the + and folder icons are.

Only after a successful copy paste, move what you copy pasted where it's needed.

Avoid Safari For a Working Cross Site Copy Paste

Safari just does not allow to copy and paste cross sites with Elementor, so you need to avoid it. Instead, use Chrome, preferably.

Click CTRL-V or CMD-V at the right time

I have seen a few people do everything right, except they first close this window, and then click CTRL-V (or CMD-V). This won't work.

You need to click CTRL-V (or CMD-V) while you see this window popup. Don't close it first.

Elementor Cross Site Copy Paste Successfully 2

Have both sites open in the same Chrome window

If nothing else worked, try this. A few people said it made it work for them.

Have both sites opened in different Chrome tabs. Then copy paste cross site from one tab to the other.

Copy paste small parts at a time

If nothing else works, it might be that you are trying to copy paste a whole page, and having issues because it's a lot of data.

Try copy pasting only one section at a time.


I hope you found this helpful and that you can now cross site copy paste easily with Elementor.

Let me know in the comments what worked for you!


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