Simple Elementor Animated Border For Any Element!

Simple Elementor Animated Border For Any Element!

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Let's learn how to add this awesome border animation to any Elementor element!

To begin with, copy this code under Advanced > Custom CSS for your target element.

This will require Elementor Pro. For Elementor free users, give your Elementor a class name under Advanced, then replace 'selector' with your given class name. More information in the video!

/* Please login to get the code 
 * The code will be for the Simple Elementor Animated Border For Any Element! tutorial 
 * Found at this URL 

Then, make use of a code editor to adjust the CSS code

If you want a different styling than what is offered by default. More information about this in the video.

Finally, enjoy your awesome Elementor animated border!

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3 Responses

  1. I'm looking for something slightly different. Can you help me? I'm not a coder!
    Elementor has a nice animation named "Draw" that can be implemented when building a nav menu. When you hover over a menu item, a border is drawn around the border of the item's box. The path if follows is anti-clockwise; down, right, up, and then left. I've always thought it a shame that Elementor hadn't built the same border animations into all of the other widgets when hovering.
    Can it be done for this?

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