Styling Forms in CSS

Styling Forms in CSS

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Taking full control of a web form's design using CSS has become a breeze.

CSS has advanced to a level where targeting form elements is no longer a pain. The advancement has made it possible to select radio buttons, checkboxes, text fields, and buttons, among other form fields, by type. You can also select the elements by attributes, including id, class, and more, not forgetting the pseudo-classes and pseudo-elements.

If you are just starting your web design journey and want to learn HTML form styling using CSS, this chapter is for you. And at the end of it, we style a full login form together.

Roll up your sleeves, and let's get busy.

We assume that you already know how to create HTML forms. If not, feel free to look at our HTML Form Element course. All the elements we use in this chapter are covered there. Please, bookmark the page for reference purposes if need be.

HTML Form Styling also provides premium tutorials showing awesome advanced designs, check them out here.

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