Elementor Hotspot Click Opens Corresponding Accordion

Elementor Hotspot Click Opens Corresponding Accordion

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Here is how to create a Elementor hotspot that on click will open the appropriate corresponding accordion. Also works the other way about: clicking the Elementor accordion title will trigger the right hotspot.

It also works for the Elementor tab element.

See it in action here:

Visit the demo directly.

The Elementor Hotspot Accordion Code

Ber certain to watch the video above to understand how it all works!


document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function() {

let parSections = document.querySelectorAll('.hs-acc-design');

parSections.forEach(parSection => {

let hs = parSection.querySelectorAll('.e-hotspot__button');
let titles = parSection.querySelectorAll('.elementor-tab-title:not(.elementor-tab-mobile-title)');
let mobileTitles = parSection.querySelectorAll('.elementor-tab-mobile-title');

hs.forEach((e,i,arr) => {
e.addEventListener('click', function(){

titles.forEach((e,i,arr) => {
mobileTitles.forEach((e,i,arr) => {

function manageTabs(e,i,arr){
e.addEventListener('click', function(){
hs.forEach((e,j) => {if (j !== i) { e.parentElement.classList.remove('e-hotspot--active') } });
if (mobileTitles.length < 1) {
} else {

.e-hotspot--active.e-hotspot:not(.e-hotspot--circle) .e-hotspot__button{
background-color: #BE0000; /* Color of circle when active */

.e-hotspot--active .e-hotspot__icon{
color: #fff; /* Color of icon when active */

.e-hotspot--active .e-hotspot__button svg{
fill: #fff; /* Color of icon when active */

.e-hotspot__icon svg, .e-hotspot__label svg {
height: 18px; /* size of the icon, keep below 30px ** only relevant if you have the inline svg icon experiment active ** */

Hope you enjoy!

Let me know what you think of this design and if it worked well for you! Cheers!

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  1. Hi there!
    I've been trying to use the code but when I try to use the accordion it doesn't leave the tab open, it only works if I click on the hotspot, do you know why could it be? thanks!

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