Easy Elementor Horizontal Scrolling Page Layout!

Easy Elementor Horizontal Scrolling Page Layout!

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Get a nice looking Elementor horizontal page layout for the desktop version. Back to normal for tablets and mobiles.

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To begin with, import the Elementor horizontal page layout template on your page

This will work right away with Elementor Pro. It works great with Elementor Free also, but you won't have the Nav element, and the social icons.

Then, verify that you have a full width page layout

This step is optional. Follow only if the design is not displaying fine for you.

Click on the gear icon in the lower left part of your screen. Then you will see the different page layouts available for you. They will differ depending on what theme you are using.

With Hello theme, Default works just fine.
Easy Elementor Horizontal Scrolling Page Layout! 1

After that, modify the code to fit your requirements

If you want to add or remove sections, you will need to edit the code.

Easy Elementor Horizontal Scrolling Page Layout! 2

In the template, I have four "section_horizon" class containers. These are the parent containers to the actual content of the page.

To have more, simply duplicate one of them, and change its content.

You will also need to update the --horizontal-sections-amount variable in the CSS.

There are comments in the CSS that should help you style the scroll bar as well, or remove it.

Finally, enjoy your awesome Elementor horizontal page layout design!

Let me know if everything works for you!

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  1. Hi Maxime! Have downloaded the templates, have a quick question before I start. Does this work for section only scrolling? I'd like to insert a horizontal scrolling section in an otherwise vertical page design.

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