How To Make Elementor Fit To Screen On Mobile

How To Make Elementor Fit To Screen On Mobile

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After creating a beautiful section on your PC using the fit to screen option this may look good on desktop but may not look like how you want it to be on mobile, this tutorial will teach you how to create a fit to screen option that will fit well on desktop and on mobile

First, click on the section, the double vertical three dots

To create an elementor fit to screen section that will also look good on mobile, click on three vertical dots this will bring you to the next step that will be explained in the next screenshot.

vertical three dots

Set the Elementor section height to 100VH

In the Elementor section height settings instead of using Fit to Screen use Min height and set it to 100VH as shown in the screenshot below, if you follow this it should solve the problem you are having with creating a fit to a screen section on mobile.

You can adjust for different devices, if you don’t need this for all of them! Just click the little monitor icon.

section height

Finally, check if the fit to screen works on mobile

You can check the page on mobile to see if there are no issues.

Et voila! Thanks for reading!
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