Inline vs Block Elements

Inline vs Block Elements

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This chapter of our HTML course series takes an in-depth look into two important categories of HTML elements - inline vs block elements. We explain their difference, how best to use them, and how they behave when used on a webpage.

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3 Responses

  1. Can you please comment on the "cd-5, cd-6" code element that you have added after "wrapper html-block-inline"
    What do they mean and why do they differ?



    1. Greetings Pete,

      These are just to differentiate between the different code demos (cd = code demo) so as to avoid CSS conflict across them. You will learn more about this, and understand well why it's needed, later in the course. In the CSS Selectors chapter in particular.


  2. Hi Maxime! I’m so happy to have these two very succinct lists of block and in-line elements. I’ll be printing them and posting on my bulletin board. Cheers! Sandy

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