Elementor Alt Text Explained: How and Why

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Alt Text (alternative text) is an essential thing for the web content to optimize images to get better results in search rankings. When you add alt text for an image, and if the image can't be displayed, it appears inside the container of the image. Elementor allows with the built-in option of WordPress to add alt text in images. In this tutorial, we will explain in detail the uses & benefits of alt text in WordPress elementor.

How To Add Elementor Alt Text

It is very much easy to add alt texts when you are building pages in elementor. To add an alt text, click on the image you want to add alt text and you will get an image box from the elementor editor.

Elementor Alt Text Explained: How and Why 1

Click on the image from the Image Box and media library contained images will be displayed. You can see the Alt Text option displaying at the right side of the window. Now you can add the alt text easily from here.

Elementor Alt Text Explained: How and Why 2

Benefits Of Alt Text To Images

Adding alt text to images is very much helpful for accessibility reasons. Whenever you upload an image to your site, you should write alt text for all of your images because it a good opportunity to improve user accessibility and experiences.

SEO Benefits of Adding Alt Text

Adding alt text for images will provide great strength to your SEO. Images cannot be interpreted by search engines and other robots and images. Search engine crawlers get better image content and description and it helps for indexing images. So when your uploaded images properly formatted with alt text, it contributes to the efforts in indexing pages and to rank it.


Alt texts are very much useful for the users when viewing a webpage on a browser where images can't be processed. However, alt text for images performs a vital role in the successful optimization of web content for search engines.

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