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Developer Tools | Inspect Elements

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Web development has come a long way. Some years back, the browsers were mainly for viewing web pages, code editors were mainly for writing code, yes, literally just writing code, no suggestions, no autocompletes and the like. You just had to write code and switch to the browser to view how your changes were rendered.

We are not there anymore. Nowadays code editors are very powerful; browsers offer way more than just viewing of web pages; and servers have many valuable tools preinstalled.

What's the end result? The life of developers is nicer, smoother, and sweeter.

It's been a journey. Those who've been around long enough remember how users celebrated when Google Chrome introduced the omnibox, integrating Google Search to the address bar. For web developers, however, the advent of the Developer Tools was widely acclaimed.

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Browser developers are working around the clock to improve their developer tools. You can tell by just exploring the major browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera. We're frequently treated to the addition of some really cool features in the developer tools.

Don't get confused if you're a Mozilla Firefox lover, we know you love calling it Web Dev Tools, while Edge users call it Developer Tools. For the sake of brevity, let's just call it the Chrome way - DevTools.

In an article, A.J. Kandy quipped that not every web designer loves to code, and that some are more productive when dealing with UIs as opposed to staring at the code and doing everything from ground up. Web designers don't like fiddling with the basics day in day out.

That's why you'll find code editors like Sublime Text, Visual Studio Code, and Brackets doing their best to reduce how much effort you've got to put in writing code.

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