Basic CSS Syntax

Basic CSS Syntax

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Welcome to this basic CSS syntax chapter. This chapter is required for anyone who's just getting started with CSS and would like to get a good understanding of CSS fundamentals right at the onset.

Of course, that's the right approach, considering that the biggest secret to understanding a web design language or any programming language is getting a clear grip of its syntax. CSS is no different. The good thing about CSS is that it has a very straightforward syntax that's very easy to learn and master.

To make it enjoyable, we've structured this course in such a way that it helps you to learn CSS systematically.

We will occasionally make references to and give instructions on applying CSS styling in the famous Elementor page builder. But even for someone who's not using Elementor, this course is still of immense benefits. Remember the syntax remains the same whether or not you are using a CMS.

As part of our final check, if you are here and are wondering what the heck CSS is, we recommend that you first look at this CSS Course for Elementor Users, a basic introduction to CSS, before coming back to pick this up.

At this point, we have accomplished the groundwork and can now take off.

Ready? Let's go!

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