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Why Elementor Pro

Element Or Codes has proved an incredible resource for our web projects.

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Why Elementor Pro
Why Elementor Pro

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Maxime is one of the most creative and talented people I have ever worked with. His website has been my inspiration for many creative Elementor solutions for my clients.



Any Elementor functionality you need, Element Or Codes has been there, done that (and done it well), and written an awesome user-friendly tutorial on how to get it done. I heartily recommend!


Featured Template

Porfolio Hover

Get a nice looking right arrow on hovering any portfolio items. At no cost when you subscribe! See the full template demo here.

Why I recommend Elementor Pro

Get full control over your own website

The process of designing YOUR website, as you want it, isn’t simple. Got to fight all those theme restrictions, and can’t customize exactly what you want… Until now.

With Elementor Pro, get the power to customize any and all aspects of your website.

Your website, your design.

If you are here, you already know (and love) Elementor. And I’m here to convince you that Elementor Pro is sooo worth it!

Create a stunning, fully custom website without knowing how to write a single line of code! And with my tutorials, go even beyond Elementor Pro with a few easy to use code snippets!

Yes. Elementor makes it possible.

As the leading drag and drop page builder, Elementor has revolutionized the website design process. The theme builder in particular finally gives everyone the ability to modify every aspect of the website.

Here are some of the advantages that make Elementor pro such an amazing tool.

Advantages of Elementor Pro

Here are some of the advantages that make Elementor pro such an amazing tool.


Customize Your Theme Completely

Control how every bit of your website looks like.

Break free from the limitations of your theme.

Create pretty much any design you have in mind.

Fully customize your theme without any coding.

Why Elementor Pro
Why Elementor Pro


Premium Support

Get access to Elementor’s premium customer support.

While their support isn’t perfect, it is usually pretty good!


Premium Templates

Looking for some creative help? Elementor has got you covered.

Elementor pro gives you access to a premium templates library with great designs.

The best part is, the templates are designed to fit different industries.

If you are designing a website for your local gym instructor, you will find a template designed to fit your needs perfectly.

Why Elementor Pro

Features of Elementor Pro in a nutshell

WooCommerce Integration

Elementor Pro allows you to seamlessly integrate with the WooCommerce platform to create a functional store for your business.

Powerful Animations

Bring your site to life with the powerful animations features on Elementor pro.

Create a parallax scrolling effect, or wow your readers with the horizontal scrolling and 3D tilt as they navigate your pages.

Or, as on this page, use great Lottie animations.

Elementor Pro Popups

Do you want to take your marketing a notch higher?

The Popups feature allows you to achieve precisely that.

Grab your readers’ attention with the sleek and functional popups on Elementor Pro. You can even integrate the popups with your other marketing tools for even better results.

Amazing Theme Builder

Get the power to create everything on your site, right from the header, to the footer, and everything in between!

Seamlessly edit and create new archives templates, single posts designs, even 404 pages! 

Powerful Forms Creator

Every smart marketer knows what great power lies in forms.

With the powerful forms creator, you can easily integrate marketing tools such as MailChimp, HubSpot, ConvertKit, and Zapier (amongst others), to make your campaign even more effective.

Elementor Pro vs Free

Why should you buy Elementor Pro?

As a website designer, you should buy Elementor pro if you are looking to:

Verdict – easy choice.

If you are looking to use the best website design tool there is, then jump on Elementor Pro

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