Elementor Redirect Users Based On Form Answers

Elementor Redirect Users Based On Form Answers

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In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to redirect users to a specific post category, tag, or to a post directly, based on the answers provided in an Elementor Pro form.

Here is an example of what you can achieve.

Ignore all the fields except the "Type of Project" radio select. Select one, then submit, and you will be redirected accordingly.

First, you will want a radio or select field in your Elementor Pro form

Create your form with one of these field in. It can be the only field in your form, that will work just fine.

Then, write your values like this

On the left of the vertical bar, you have the label that your visitors will see when they choose. On the right, you enter the slug of the URL you want your visitor to be redirected to.

Important: You should not have any forward slash "/" there. Just the slug itself.

Elementor Redirect Users Based On Form Answers 1

Now, go in the Advanced tab for this form field, and get the shortcode

Elementor Redirect Users Based On Form Answers 2

In actions after submit, be certain to add "Redirect"

Elementor Redirect Users Based On Form Answers 3

Then, in the Redirect tab, add your site URL, and the shortcode

The Redirect tab will only show up after you added "Redirect" to the "actions after submit".

You will want to have your site URL with the forward slash at the end.

Elementor Redirect Users Based On Form Answers 4

Important: if you want to lead within a CPT that has a prefix, for example, you will need to enter something like this:

https://element.how/cpt-prefix/[field id="field_2709f4"]

Essentially, you want to avoid any forward slash " / " in the value of the select or radio answer.

Finally, enjoy your Elementor Pro form redirection!

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial!


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  1. Is there a way to add conditional logic to route a form to different email addresses based on the response to a field using Elementor's native form builder?

  2. This works great but in my email body I only see the slug.
    Ex: 1 Star|thank-you

    Email message:
    What was our overall review: thank-you

    I've used a Star emoji, but it doesn't seem to matter if it's text or emoji.

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