How To Create Links That Open In A New Tab In Elementor

How To Create Links That Open In A New Tab In Elementor

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Elementor allows you to easily create links that open in a new tab. This can be done on any widget that allows you to insert a link and only inside the text editor widget.

This is a quick tutorial on how to create links that open in a new tab. So expect this to be a very short "how-to" article from me.

Create links that open in a new tab in Elementor using the text editor

how to open links in a new tab in Elementor

If you are using the text editor widget in Elementor, all you have to do is;

  • highlight the texts you want to be the anchor text for your link
  • click on the anchor icon on the toolbar of the editor
  • input the link you want to add on the field that pops up

The setting icons when adding links to a text in elementor

  • clicking on the setting icon, you will have another popup

How To Create Links That Open In A New Tab In Elementor 1

  • by ticking the checkbox "Open link in a new tab", you have successfully set your link to open in a new tab when clicked.
  • finally, click on the blue button "Add Link" to finish the process.

Create links that open in a new tab in elements that allows linking

The process is different if you want to add a link to any Elementor widget or column that allows for clicks. You get the same interface for buttons and other widgets when it comes to inserting links in Elementor.

How to open button link in another tab in elementor

By clicking the settings gear icon, you will open up a drop-down as seen in the image below.

elementor linking system

Tick the checkbox to make your link open in a new tab when the user clicks on it. You can also tick the checkbox for nofollow if you want.

I know you might have questions on what nofollow means. Well, this is a rel attribute that was introduced in 2005 and tells search engines(Google, Bing, Yandex, etc) that you do not want them to count this link in their ranking algorithm.

There are other rel attributes you might want to know. You can find one of them when you use Gutenberg editor to create your blog posts of pages. This is the sponsored rel attribute. If your link is an ad, you have to use the nofollow or sponsored rel attribute.

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