The ONLY right answer to ' Elementor doesn't show correctly on Internet Explorer '

No extra plug-ins required! Elementor Free Compatible.

This is how you can easily create a redirection to a ' please use a modern browser such as Chrome to browse our website ' page.

Many Elementor users might have problem with Elementor not showing correctly on IE (Internet Explorer) . Redirecting the IE users to a page that prompts them to download a modern browser, and explaining to them that it is for their own online security, is a great option.

As of January 2020, there is no longer any security updates for Windows 7 and Internet Explorer. Informing your IE users of this benefits them greatly. Even if some might not care… Chrome is the most secure way to surf the internet, suggest them to try it out!

Elementor & IE : Fix Internet Explorer Issues With This Easy Method

Quite simple really. Add this code to an html element at the top of your Elementor header template, or at the top of a page.

Elementor Close PopUp on Click for Menu & Same Page Links
left element

If you want this only on your home page for example, just make it the first element there.

var ieusers = '';
(/Edge/.test(navigator.userAgent)    /msie trident/i.test(navigator.userAgent))? document.location = ieusers : null;

and simply change the URL to your own

This should fix your Elementor Internet Explorer problems! View the working example by visiting this article with Internet Explorer

Recently updated to also redirect older Edge browsers as well. Chromium Edge doesn't get redirected.

Et voila! Thanks for reading!
Let me know if you need help!