10 Elementor Addons Compared!

Find out which Elementor Addon YOU need!

The most popular Elementor addons compared! What is unique about each of them, their cost and the value they provide.

10 Elementor Addons Compared! Find Which Have Oustanding Value!

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10 Elementor Addons Compared! Find Which Have Oustanding Value! 1

Their moto ‘Features Loaded. Not bloated.’ is well deserved. This one is truly feature loaded, coming not only with many elements, but with quite a few extensions for Elementor basic functions it-self, such as Row Background, Parallax Background, Custom Media Query Breakpoints and Global Mouse Hover Parallax. See the complete list of its elements and extensions here.

At $119/ Year for unlimited websites, it offers amazing value, considering everything it brings along.

Noteworthy Elements : Their Tabs/Tours + Anything Carousal element is awesome and makes it easy to display attractively a bunch of content. Their websites showcasing element Dynamic Devices allows you to easily display websites you have built in a laptop or smartphone frame.

Their recent addition of mega menu, vertical mega menu and magazine layout makes this plug in even better!

Noteworthy Extension : Their MagicScroll Integration adds a lot in terms of animation and creativity-driven designs. Just see this website built with MagicScroll to see the possibilities.



Piotnet Addons has many uniques features. such as a Scroll Box With Custom Scrollbar, Section and Column Linking,  and Conditional Visibility. It provides you with options that can’t be found elsewhere. Where it really shines though, and the reason most people buy it, is it’s fantastic forms building capabilities. See below (noteworthy element).

As with many others on this list, you can turn off unused elements to avoid slowing down your website.

At $60 for unlimited websites, it offers great and unique features, although many websites won’t require them.

Noteworthy Element : Their Form Builder is probably the main reason to get Piotnet. It can use conditional logic and calculations to show the user an exact price, for example. It can also be made into a multi step form. Payment options can even be included.

Rivaling much more expensive options that integrate less well with Elementor, such as Gravity forms WordPress plugin, look no further if you need a complex form! Right now, at $70 (not recurring) for unlimited websites, it is a steal compared to Gravity forms $259/year price for the same unlimited websites.

It should be noted however, that soon Elementor Pro will have it’s own, more advanced form. Will it be as good as what Piotnet offers? We will see.



The most popular Elementor addon, Essential Addons is a great choice for most web designers. It doesn’t have too many bells and whistles, but where it shines is in the quality of its elements, its stability, and the ability to turn off what you don’t need. Most elements offered are actually useful, and they provide great customization to get them exactly as you want. See the complete list of its elements and extensions here.

You can also turn off unused elements to avoid slowing down your website.

At $59/ Year for unlimited websites, it is also among the cheapest.

Noteworthy Element : their Grid Post element is quite nice and can be made to look great.



Another popular Elementor Addon, Premium Addons is a great option, even more so if you are looking to integrate Facebook features in your website. Facebook feed, Messenger chat and Facebook reviews are all on-board. See the complete list of its elements and extensions here.

You can also turn off unused elements to avoid slowing down your website.

At $79/ Year for unlimited websites, it is a good choice that offers lots of customization.

Noteworthy Elements : their Preview Window element is unique and attractive.

Their Horizontal Scroll element is just amazing! Truly worth a look at!



Crocoblock Addons for Elementor is a popular choice. It comes with many plug-ins, such as JetSearch and JetSmartFilters. It is particularly geared towards WooCommerce users. It also has everything necessary for a directory listing website.

From $69/ Year for unlimited websites, depending what option you choose, it offers a lot of elements and features.

Noteworthy Element : Their Slider element seems quite good, and it works great on mobile. 

Noteworthy Extension: Their JetSmartFilters is great if you have a large WooCommerce website and need an advanced search option.



Another popular Elementor Addon, UA Elementor is a decent option, although it doesn’t offer anything special. Some of it’s greatest features are unfortunately quite slow to load for some reasons, such as the Quick View for WooProducts, and the Filterable Blogs Posts. You are better off with one of the above options.

At $49/ Year for unlimited websites, it is the cheapest paid option available.

Noteworthy Element : their Marketing Button element is quite nice and has many options.



A completely free Addon, EAE has a few very good elements and extensions. There are less customization options available than others, and less overall elements. However, such unique features as the Info Circle element and the Background Image Slider might just be for you.

At $0/ Year, anyone can try it out!

Noteworthy Element : their Text and Icon Separator element is simple but great and can really improve the design of a page (although something similar comes with most other Elementor Addons).



PowerPack Addons for Elementor is another good option. Particularly for those using WooCommerce. It offers customization of the checkout page as well as the cart, something none of the above can achieve.

At $59/ Year for unlimited websites, it is a good option.

Noteworthy Elements : their Popup Box element is very nice and smooth, and it works great on mobile. Their Woo Cart and Woo Checkout elements allows for customization of these pages.



Honorable mentions

Elementor Extras Addon offers very good quality elements. In particular their gallery elements are amazing, and worth a look if you are building an image focused website.

Unlimited Elements provides many elements, but most offer less customization. However, if you know how to code, you can create your own elements and have them always available!


There are other good Elementor Addons on the market, however the above mentioned should satisfy most web designer. I would even say that in many cases, The Plus Addons could be considered a one-stop-shop. The others are great mostly if you need their unique features.

To find specific elements and features, check out my Elementor Addons Finder tool.

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