Crocoblock birthday sale

Crocoblock is running a birthday sale right now!

You can take advantage of it by going directly to their website and purchasing the product of your choice.

If you would like to support my work at Element.How, please follow the steps below, so that I get the attribution for your purchase. Thank you greatly, it really helps out!

Crocoblock Birthday sale coupon code

Crocoblock Birthday Sale 2022

Steps To Follow

  1. Right click > open in incognito mode this link:
  2. Get to checkout with the product of your choice
  3. Enter coupon code CROCOTURNS4

Not certain what Crocoblock is, and if you should get it?

Learn about Crocoblock in my addons review.

Learn how to make advanced, dynamic websites with Crocoblock and Elementor.


Or keep reading to learn more.


First (as should be obvious) I’m an affiliate for Crocoblock, so I’m not definitely not fully impartial. Still I will try to give my genuine opinion on the matter.

The popularity.

Crocoblock is the most popular addon for Elementor. While that’s difficult to prove, we can deduct that with a good amount of certainty based on how long they have been around, how many people are in their facebook group, and the size of their team.

Crocoblock Birthday Sale 2022 1

It’s the addon I see the most often when I jump into a client’s Wordpress installation.

It also frequently wins random polls of ‘which is your favorite addon’ in the facebook groups.

Crocoblock Birthday Sale 2022 2

My opinion

I really like all the dynamic stuff it offers. In particular, I like these features from JetEngine:


And I like JetSmartfilters. It’s a nice and simple way to add filtering to Elementor websites. It’s even more useful when it’s used along with JetEngine to filter Custom Post Types.

The other tools that I find interesting are JetTabs and JetPopups. Both are great improvements over the equivalent from Elementor.

For instance, JetTabs has the ability to open and scroll to a specific tab. With Elementor tabs, you need one of my tutorials to accomplish this.

The rest of their plugins, I either don’t care much for them, or don’t have much experience with them.

So the question: is it worth it?

I would say yes, ONLY IF:

  • You intend to stick to Elementor for at least another few years
  • You intend to, or already, create data driven websites, with CPTs, custom loops and filters
  • You need map filtering and you like what you see in that example I shared above
  • You have good paying clients, where a single project will pay for the whole suite easily

(Re: the “stick with Elementor” point. They have been adding loads of support to Gutenberg, so if you are moving there, you will also be able to enjoy at least some of their plugins. Even Bricks Builder is compatible with JetEngine, at least in part, since a few weeks ago.)

If that sounds like you, Crocoblock might be well worth it. Otherwise you might want to pass!